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Oceau marine relax

Oceau marine relax
Oceau marine relax
Reference : OCEAU1
Relax Isotonic contains as active the unique isotonic seawater (Biocean® Isotonic)

This cream protects and enhances relaxation and overall well-being through its homeostatic regulatory action. Therefore it is recommended for :

Intensive Skin Care curing: acne - mouth ulcers - burns - scars - sunburn - eczema - scabies - herpes - mycosis - insect bites - psoriases - in-born spots and hyper pigmentation - Moreover it hydrates the skin and the mucous membrane. It eases itchiness.

Hygienic Body Care: Clears the breathing passages in case of sinusitis, eases sore throat, helps purify the lubrication of the eyes, helps against sore and tired eyes, supports detoxification, soothes painful areas (cramps, zonas) or irritated parts of the body (cystitis, haemorrhoids), improves the condition of sensitive gums and all mouth problems, eases headaches, maintains a good digestive system, eases breathing difficulties caused by bronchitis, enhances cellular reconstruction generally by tired legs, cellulite.

Energizing Care: It helps induce sleep, decreases fatigue, imparts a sense of well-being (anti-stress), builds up a reserve of energy...

The cream Relax Isotonic applied together with the other kind of creams strengthens the action on the different parts of the body and its beneficial effect is quickly manifested. All our creams should preferably be applied on a skin that is devoid from other products. The conservation at room temperature assures their vivacity. Apply only small quantities and do this gently with clean and dry palm of hand, to the desired area until the creams have been totally absorbed by the skin. The state and make-up of the cellular structure of a human body may determine the number of applications necessary.
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Oceau milles/isotonic relief
Oceau milles/isotonic relief
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